Why Work with Mike Shore?

Mike ShoreExceptional Service: I understand purchasing, refinancing or building a home can be a stressful time in your life. I also understand you don’t need your lender adding to that stress. I will keep you informed of the mortgage loan process from application to closing. You can call me any time, during or after business hours, evenings or weekends if you have a question. I also offer after-office hour appointments for those whose work schedules do not permit appointments during the day. Whatever your needs, I am here to meet and exceed them.

Same Day Pre-Approvals: When shopping for a new home, you sometimes need to know quickly if you are pre-approved so you don’t lose the home of your dreams to another buyer. The markets in Pocatello, American Falls, Blackfoot, Idaho Falls and all of Southeast Idaho are excellent and time is of the essence when making an offer. I can have you pre-approved the same day you apply for your loan, and sometimes in as little as one hour. In our fast paced financial world, I consider this a must to provide exceptional service to my clients.

Local Underwriting: Ask any real estate agent what is the most important thing a lender should have? They will answer “Local Underwriting!” You want the person making the decisions on your loan to be in the same office as the loan officer. One reason I work at Advantage Plus Credit Union is because my underwriter is local – I can walk to their office and ask them a question in person. I don’t have to call and try to reach them in a different town. This is very important to make sure you close your loan on time without stress.

Fast Closings: I offer local everything on your loan – local processing, local underwriting, local funding and even local servicing. This means if you need to close your loan fast, in as little as 7 days, I can do it. It also means if you have a closing deadline to meet, I will do it.

Application Options: The traditional way to apply for a mortgage loan is to call a lender, make an appointment with a loan officer, and drive to their office so they can take your application. While I do offer this way of taking your application, I also offer other convenient methods to help you apply for a home loan. I can take your application over the phone, I can fax or email you my “Quick App” to fill out at your convenience, or you can fill out my easy online application on my web site. Whatever method you choose, I stand ready to get you pre-approved as quickly as possible!

Same Day Return Texts and Phone Calls: Are you tired of people not returning your texts or phone call messages? So am I and I feel that is unacceptable in the mortgage industry. That is why I am committed to returning all texts and phone calls as quickly as possible and never let a voice mail or text message go to the next day. I wish I could always be available when you need to talk to me, but unfortunately I may be on the other line or working with other clients when you call, text or email. But I will always get back to you as soon as I can and not let you go over night without your questions being answered.

Credit Counseling: Have you had some bumps in the road on your credit? I understand life can sometimes deal us a hand we do not deserve and our credit suffers because of it. If I am unable to approve your home loan, I will give you the advice you need to improve your credit rating. I like to say that I will never tell a client “no”, but I might tell you “not now.” I am willing and able to work with you on your credit as long as you are. I can never make guarantees on credit repair, but I do consider myself well educated in the subject of credit and have had much success with clients in the past.

Pocatello, Chubbuck, Idaho Falls and Beyond: Whether you want a loan in Pocatello, Chubbuck, Blackfoot, Idaho Falls or anywhere in Idaho, I can do it. In fact, I am licensed to write mortgages anywhere in Idaho (Boise included) and anywhere in the Continental United States. I mainly focus my time right here in Southeast Idaho since that is where I live, but I write mortgage loans everywhere, including Utah, Wyoming and Montana. Wherever you need a home loan, I can help.