First Time Homebuyer Loans

When people ask about a loan for a First Time Homebuyer, they are generally asking for a loan with little or no down payment required. There are a number of programs available that do not require a down payment, such as:

  • FHA with Down Payment Assistance
  • Conventional with Down Payment Assistance
  • Rural Development (RD/USDA)
  • Veteran’s Affairs (VA)

Each of these programs have different credit, property and income requirements to qualify. The terms also vary depending upon your specific situation.

Down Payment Assistance is also available. The primary provider of DPA is Idaho Housing and Finance Association. IHFA does not provide DPA or loans directly to the public. Instead they use lenders and financial institutions throughout the state to offer their loans. I am well versed in all that Idaho Housing provides and can guide you through the process.

From time to time, special programs arise offering grants or other forms of loans for down payment assistance. These vary and change frequently. I keep up to date on all of them. Contact me by phone or email for what is currently being offered.

Get started now! Let’s see if you can buy a home today!