Home Prices up 4.4% in May August 3, 2015

Housing posted strong price increases again in May, according to the latest data from the S&P/Case-Shiller National Home Price Index.? Prices rose 4.4% during the month (year-over-year), more or less keeping pace with the previous 9 months, when annual appreciation rates ranged between 4.2%-4.8%.? In addition to steady growth in prices, analysts continue to see signs of significant pent-up demand held back by low homebuilding rates.? New home sales are down 6.8%, while existing home sales are spiking.? Good news may be on the way: new home starts and permits are up roughly 30% compared to last year.? City-by-city, annual appreciation gains varied from a high of 10.0% in Denver to just 1.3% in Washington, D.C.