Realtors Make Predictions for 2015 12/10/2014

It’s prediction season, and the Realtors have five (mostly) positive forecasts for the nation’s housing market in 2015:

1 – Rates will go up – ‘The honeymoon is over’ declares the group, and chief economist Jonathan Smoke predicts that 30-year rates will reach 5% in 2015, thanks to an improving economy and various indications from the Federal Reserve.

2 – Millennials begin to make an impact – analysts expect that the oft-discussed 15-34-year old group will start what should be a long run of dominance in the market.? Smoke argues that more than two-thirds of all household group will come from millennials, and he further predicts that many will not wait for home prices to be more affordable in high-cost coastal markets, but will start to settle down in the Midwest and South.

3 – Although supply will continue to be tight, homebuilding should increase, with home starts expected to jump 16%.? Additionally, single-family home starts are predicted to increase by 21%, with labor and supply shortages expected to keep growth in check.

4 – Big surprise – credit will continue to be tight.? Smoke discusses the potential for increased activity if credit loosens up, but doesn’t appear to be holding his breath that it actually will, despite efforts from federal regulators to push lenders to approve more loans.

5 – The era of high foreclosure activity will come to a close.? Experts predict that with activity expected to drop 30% by the end of the year, next year should go a long way to wiping out most foreclosure inventory.